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Bara några ord om / A Few Words About

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About Croatia

Geographically, Croatia spans 4 distinct areas: inland planes, central moderate hilly region, longitudinal range of high mountains following its coastal line and Adriatic Sea region.

Historically, situated in a border area between all known historical super-powers in this part of the world since Ancient Roman times, Croatian life and culture had been formed and enriched by their influence. Today, it is clearly visible in almost any aspect of life - in its cultural heritage, its gastronomy and folklore tradition, attitude and world view in general.

There are 4 seasons in Croatia that can still be largely enjoyed, each by its own features. The climate in Croatia is generally deemed pleasant and moderate. Summer temperature (April/May-September/October) range between 20 and 35. In winter (November-February) temperature drops to 0 or below, depending on the region. Lately, however, some spells of unexpectedly hot, cold, rainy or windy days occur in each season, under the influence of general climatic shift in the world.


Basic Tour Recommendation

  • The shortest comfortable time in Croatia: 7nts/8days
  • Ideal group size with respect to price: 20-25 paying passengers
  • Ideal group size with respect to quality of travelling: 10-12
  • Off-season visits highly recommendable: March, April, October (less crowded, lower prices, favourable weather conditions).

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Why Visit Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful trip destination, as well as one where you can stay in one place for quite some time, if so inclined, and actually never get bored. Some of the reasons for visiting Croatia might be the following:

  • Because every year a number of destinations from Croatia is chosen as a must see or placed among Top Ten by renown world tourist magazines or sites;
  • To do some cultural and historical sightseeing (from prehistoric times through Ancient Roman and Medieval to futuristic, including visits to the homes of some world famous people and their inventions);
  • To check its UNESCO World Heritage sites (Poreč, Plitvice, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik) and enjoy its cultural achievements protected as UNESCO Intangible World Heritage;
  • To enjoy beach and family holidays in summer resorts, combined with 1-day excursions to the surrounding area;
  • To enjoy culinary experience, vine roads and food festivals;
  • To enjoy diverse aspects its 9 national parks (mountain and island) and 11 nature reserves (mostly inland, but some coastal ones as well);
  • To experience island cruising, island vacation, diving and exploring in any of 78 islands, 524 islets and 642 reefs;
  • For health improvement in spa and health resorts due to fresh and healing air, land and water;
  • To see or take part in Croatian festivals - folklore, music, historic, sport and religious;
  • Because most destinations in Croatia is easily combined with visits to other countries, which adds special allure to your stay in Croatia.