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Rundturer med Katarina / Tour arrangements by Katarina

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Visiting themes

  • Cultural and historical sightseeing
  • UNESCO heritage sightseeing
  • Nature observation in NP and nature reserves
  • Honeymoon arrangements and weddings
  • Combination with destinations in other countries
  • Beach and family holidays
  • Island cruising and island vacations
  • Mountains and mountain lakes vacations
  • Miraculous shrines of Virgin Mary
  • Active sports holidays
  • Country and eco-tourism
  • Health and recreation


 Vacations in One Place

Beside accommodation in hotels and private apartments at the sea side, by the rivers, in the mountains, in the country side or abroad, your vacations in one place might be added the following: 

  • Cultural performances and entertainment;
  • Sport and recreational activities,
  • Half-day excursions to the surrounding area;
  • Playgrounds and other facilities for small children;
  • Facilities and entertainment appropriate to school age children and teenagers;
  • Facilities for the active holidays of adults.



Standard Tour Arrangements include

    • Visiting historic sites and cultural heritage;
    • Enjoying natural beauty;
    • Visiting or taking part in cultural events;
    • Tasting traditional local food specialties;
    • Time to rest, relaxation and activities at will;
    • Unscheduled time filled with organized activities according to clients' wishes;
    • High quality tour escorts and tourist guides;
    • Balance between active sightseeing and the time to rest and relax;
    • Detailed specification of daily schedule for the benefit of tour organizers and individual travellers, including expected distances and time periods;
    • Suggestions for the most appropriate activities during unscheduled time;
    • Level of tour escort engagement adjusted to customers' needs and wishes.