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Ferie områden i Kroati / Vacation Circles of Croatia

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Croatia is worthy of your attention


      More at Vacation Circles of Croatia 

 Due to its unusual shape, almost everything is surprisingly close in Croatia, and there is hardly an hour of car ride where you cannot stop and see something interesting.

In Croatia, you can experience and enjoy, within a couple of hours' car ride:

  • three large geographic areas - inland plains, mountain range and coastal;
  • three weather and climate circles -continental, mountain, Mediterranean;
  • four cultural and historic circles - East, North-West, Central and Mediterranean, enriched by the influence of their surrounding countries;
  • four seasons, usually deemed rather moderate and pleasant, dependant on a chosen region and each offering its own attraction.








Visiting Croatia, you can choose to stay in only one of its circles or combine certain aspects of each of them. Either way, it is sure to give you more than enough material for a long and satisfactory stay!  


Sample Arrangements (details upon request)

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Mediterranean Croatia
  • Croatia for nature lovers - islands, coast, mountains
  • Croatia for adventurers
  • Enjoyment of beach holidays